Run Germantown and activities hosted are by The One Less Foundation (TOLF) and for 2017 benefits: TOLF, The Historic Johnson House and Friends of Vernon Park.

100% of the proceeds from Run Germantown will be split by the non-profit organizations for use with their youth, adult and community programs that served the under-served neighborhood Germantown and the Philadelphia metro area.


Learn more about the organizations:


The One Less Foundation is dedicated to providing financial education and personal mentoring to individuals and families—to help them gain the skills needed to build the foundation for the pathway out of poverty.


Our programs work with youth and adults in under-served communities, and are geared toward providing a solid foundation for learning.


We offer financial literacy classes for youth and adults; as well as academic mentoring for middle and high school students, and life coaching for adults. The goal of The One Less Foundation is to help individuals learn the concepts and skills needed to create their own path out of poverty.


In addition to our programs, our organization is a leading advocacy voice for consumer financial protection, and regularly lobbies city, state and national politicians on behalf of under-served communities.


Our organization works with individuals, schools, other non-profit organizations and government agencies to provide programs and curriculum to support the alleviation of poverty.


To learn more about The One Less Foundation, visit: www.TheOneLessFoundation.org



Friends of Vernon Park

The Friends of Vernon Park (FOVP) is registered volunteer group within a larger Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) Friends network dedicated to advocacy, stewardship and community building through the City’s parks. FOVP organized in 1993 as one of the first three “Friends” groups in the city through a partnership between PPR and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). The first renovation to historic Vernon Park in the mid-1990s featured installation of a playground, fence and arbor entrances and a wonderful mosaic mural.


In 2013, Vernon Park was identified by Councilwoman Cindy Bass, PHS, PPR, the Fairmount Park Conservancy and the Philadelphia Water Department for a $1.2M green renovation which was completed in Fall 2015. Standout features are new lighting and state-of- the-art playground equipment, adult fitness equipment and new and renewed gardens. The Center in the Park, a community resource and activity center for older residents of Germantown and the Black Writers Museum, a resource-rich, community focused museum dedicated to the exhibition and study of Black Literature, occupy the historic buildings inside the Park, and are wonderful neighbors.


To learn more about Friends of Vernon Park, visit: https://friendsofvernonpark.org/




The Historic Johnson House

The Historic Johnson House, an important stop on the Underground Railroad serves as a provider of educational services and programs to the general public, schools and other organizations to engage in discussions related to history and that lead to resolutions to some of today’s most pressing issues.


Located in the heart of Germantown at the corner of Germantown Avenue & Washington Lane, Johnson House Historic Site is a 240+year-old farmhouse, whose history of anti-slavery activity and UGRR station puts it right "at the center of the struggle for freedom in America".  Our historical focus starts at the early history of slavery in America… the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Fugitive Slave Laws that kept freedom seekers constantly on the run…the collaborative efforts between Blacks, both free and enslaved, and Whites - and the history of social justice movements. 

As a Center for Civil and Social Advocacy”, the Johnson House is about history and more…..we are a space to “engage, facilitate conversation, and build advocacy” to address contemporary issues that negatively impact the community – and empower others to resolve those issues today.


To learn more about the Historic Johnson House is doing, visit: http://www.johnsonhouse.org/




You can make an additional donation to any or all of these nonprofits through their own websites, or at RunSignUp

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